Hello all,
The results from the Varsity Tennis Harold Wesson Tournament are attached.  In team points, TM gathered enough points to earn 3rd place over 15 other schools.  The updated draws and points totals are attached.  
The team order is listed below the standout individual performances.  Each bracket consisted of 32 potential finishing spots.  The players that finished in the top 10 of their respective divisions are bolded.  Also, several pictures are below the team finishing results consisting of a team picture with the trophy, Connor with his 2nd Place award, Matthew/Kerisma with their Consolation Championship award, and our 3 seniors with the trophy.
Connor Crumly – 2nd Place in Boys Singles (pictured individually)
Lindsey Reynolds/Samantha Trevino – 4th in Girls Doubles
Analicia Diaz – 5th in Girls Singles
Jessica Boyd – 6th in Girls Singles
Samantha Maupin/Alyssa Quezada – 6th in Girls Doubles
Kerisma Gonzalez/Matthew Land – Consolation Champions in Mixed Doubles (pictured together)
Ashley O’Rear/Kathryn Wilson – 12th in Girls Doubles
Daniel Sandoval – 14th Place in Boys Singles
Gloria Gama/Dylan Maldonado – 14th in Mixed Doubles
Samson Garibay/Kyle Villalon – 15th in Boys Doubles
Hunter Carver/Noah Padilla – 16th in Boys Doubles
Christian Brown/Bianca Hinojosa – 2nd in Consolation in Mixed Doubles
Brandon Kelly/Rebecca Steinmetz – 26th in Mixed Doubles
Marco Garcia – 28th Place in Boys Singles
Andrew Brown/Mekayla Hernandez – 29th in Mixed Doubles
The 3 seniors pictured as a group are Samantha Trevino, Lindsey Reynolds, and Noah Padilla.
The order of team finishes are below:
GP: 247
HC: 240
TM: 231
CAL: 208
VM: 193
RF: 186
CAR: 178
R: 169
VE: 125
MO: 118
K: 113
KV: 112
VW: 87
L: 83
PA: 82
A: 80
IWA: 72
MIL: 31

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