Title 1 School Information

To help students meet and maintain grade level skills while enhancing their self-confidence. Title 1 is a federal assistance program designed to meet the needs of ALL students at TM Primary. Every student in our school is a Title 1 student. TM Primary is a school wide Title 1 campus because the funds provided by the federal government help to meet the needs of all of our students. This funding helps improve the educational opportunities for the success of our children in the regular classroom while fostering positive growth in socio-emotional behavior and attitudes.
No Child Left Behind 107-110
The most recent law that affects Title 1 is No Child Left Behind. The law requires:

  • That school districts have a written policy regarding parental involvement
  • That parents be involved in the design, operation and evaluation of Title 1
  • That parents be consulted about home/school activities and be trained to help their children
  • That whenever possible, activities should be presented in the language spoken by the majority of the Title 1 parents

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