• Please put the fax number on your purchase order( below address) if you want your order faxed, otherwise it will be mailed.
  • Also be sure to include any backup that is needed, especially for reimbursement, travel, meals, meetings, etc.
  • Any special instructions for the vendor or special handling must be clearly indicated on the PO otherwise the PO will be processed in the normal manner.
  • Starting September, new fiscal year, purchase orders lacking required information will be returned to you for completion.
  • Following these procedures will help get all purchase orders processed in a timely manner.

                Thank you for your help,
                 Philip Carroll, CPA, Business Manager

Guidelines for Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order (PO) is used to place an order for merchandise or services. All purchases to be paid for with District funds, from any account – including student activity shall be made on a District Purchase Order.

"The Board shall assume responsibility for debts incurred in the name of the District so long as those debts are for purchases made in accordance with adopted Board policy and current administrative procedures. The Board shall not be responsible for debts incurred by persons or organizations not directly

under Board control. Persons making unauthorized purchases shall assume full responsibility for all such debts." (Board policy- CH)

Requirements for filling out a purchase order:

• Vendor’s name, vendor number, complete address, phone number and FAX number, if no FAX number on form it will be mailed.

Item or stock number

• Quantity

• Description of merchandise being ordered

• Price

• Shipping cost and total of order

• Fund / Account Numbers

• Account has funds to cover order

• Preparer’s signature

• Principal’s signature (Required)

• Bookkeeper’s signature (Required)

Please do not fill in the blank where "Purchase Order Number" is printed. This space is reserved for the Finance Department.

Use 6 part carbon form and make sure print is visible on all copies. If using blank 6 color carbon, be sure to print on correct side of paper so that signatures will show on copies.

Campus Bookkeepers will send your PO’s to the Administrative Assistant (Bertha Genzer). She verifies account numbers and balance of the Budget account. After reviewing for accuracy, the documents are submitted to the Business Manager, Philip Carroll, for approval. When approval is complete, PO numbers are assigned to the documents, order is processed and funds are encumbered. Your campus Bookkeeper will receive the pink copy of the PO for the campus files.

Your Campus Bookkeeper will refer to this copy when calling Central Receiving to determine the status of the open order.